Happy 2010!

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Happy 2010!

Yummy China:Chengdu Snacks

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Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province in southwestern China, is a place where "once you have been, you will be reluctant to leave." It is an ideal place to fulfill your appetite for food.

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On Tuesday, from 12:00pm to13:00pm, on November 17th, 2009.CRI brings we live coverage of the press conference with Chinese president Hu Jintao and his US counterpart Barack Obama, where key international and bilateral issues are the focus.

Grown from the same trees, Why boil us so hot?

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Vessels from the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) exchanged gunfire yesterday for the first time in seven years.

Shootout at sea erupts off Korean Peninsula
The Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy's Chamsuri class patrol boats take part in a drill out at sea in this undated picture released by South Korean Navy via Yonhap News Agency on November 10, 2009. [Agencies]

Chinese ancient poem says:Grown from the same trees, Why boil us so hot?(本是同根生,相煎何太急)

2009-11-02 A/H1N1 in China

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It's reached a point now where China's top leaders have ordered government departments to step up measures to ensure the problem remains in check.  The State Council has said China faces "severe challenges" in preventing and controlling the outbreak of the A/H1N1 influenza strain, which appears to be spreading rapidly in a number of areas in the country.  The State Council has also asked vaccine producers to speed up their production, given that there are limited supplies at present.  Meanwhile, in the United States, the Obama administration has declared a national emergency because of H1N1, admitting that the virus has the potential to overwhelm health officials in communities affected by the virus.  So the underlying question is, what can you do to minimize your risk of contracting the H1N1 virus?  And who is most at risk?

Mourners braved the first winter snow in Beijing Sunday to pay tribute to China's "father of space technology", Qian Xuesen, who died on Saturday. He was 98.


Chen Lin Falls to Death

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Chinese mainland pop singer Chen Lin is a Chinese peoples favorite singer.She has died after apparently leaping from a building in Beijing on Saturday.

Chen Lin,39, plunged from the ninth floor of an apartment in Chaoyang District of Beijing. Her body was found by a local resident in early Saturday morning.

Exactly why the singer fell from the building is still under investigation.

One of Chen Lin's friends said the star was plagued by "emotional problems."

China's Lottery Winner Donates 10 Mln to Charity

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Winner of China's biggest lottery prize donated 10 million yuan to charity, according to a press conference held by the provincial Welfare Lottery center on Wednesday.

The unidentified buyer from Anyang city of the central China's Henan Province reaped nearly 360 million yuan (52.7 million U.S.dollars) after buying 44 identical "Double Color Ball" tickets issued by the China Welfare Lottery at a cost of 176 yuan on Oct. 8.

The buyer, "wearing facial mask and sunglass", completed the donation procedures "with ease and composure" at the local Welfare Lottery center at 2:10 p.m. Tuesday, said Li Guangyun, the spokesman of the center.

The buyer said it would pay 600,000 yuan as medical expenditure for a 9-year-old girl with uremia in Fugou county in Henan Province.

The winner told the center that besides donation to the local charity foundation, he would use the money to expand his private business.

The Henan provincal Welfare lottery center said it would establish a fund to conduct more charity activities, and it would also accept supervisions from the society over the use of the fund.

This is the largest amount of donation in China's lottery history.

Sales of the Welfare Lottery, administered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, hit 60.4 billion yuan (8.88 billion U.S. dollars) in 2008 alone and the sales of all lotteries, including the Welfare and Sports lotteries, are expected to exceed 130 billion yuan this year.


Mother Walks 10 km Every Day for Saving Son

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Chen Yurong, a 55-year-old mother has walked 10 kilometers every day for 211 days to eliminate her fatty liver and made sure that her liver could be successfully transplanted to her sick son.

According to a report of the Chutian Metropolis Daily, living in the rural area of Wuhan City in central China's Hubei province, Chen's 31-year-old son Ye Haibin was diagnosed with a serious liver disease at 13 years old. Chen took good care of her son for a long time, but Ye's illness took a turn for the worse in recent years. Doctors told Chen that her son needed a liver transplant.

Chen's husband and her daughter-in-law had asked to donate their livers but were rejected by Chen.

"My husband who earned most of the family's income should have a healthy body and my young daughter-in-law has a long way to go." Chen told the Chutian Metropolis Daily. Finally, Chen decided to donate half of her liver to her son.

However, doctors found that Chen was affected with a severe fatty liver which was not suitable for transplantation. Meanwhile, the doctors told Chen that losing weight might eliminate the problem.

Then on February 18 Chen began her weight loss plan at a dam near her home and every day Chen walked ten kilometers in the morning and evening. To reduce weight, Chen only ate a small rice ball as a meal.

"Sometimes I felt that it was endless walking and wanted to give up. But I firmly believe a little longer walking makes the day of the liver transplant nearer. "Chen said.

On September 21, Chen took a medical exam at Tongji Hospital in Wuhan and happily got to know that her fatty liver has been cured.

"It is a miracle! I have never seen a patient eliminate a fatty liver in seven months and it is impossible without exceptional perseverance." Tian De'an, a chief doctor in Tongji Hospital said.

The report noted that after the consultation of doctors, the hospital will confirm whether Chen can donate her liver.

"If I still couldn't donate liver this time, I will continue walking." Chen said.

Learning How to Make Paper Cuttings

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Paper cutting expert and teacher Pan Xiaomin displays her skills. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]


Teapots Designed for World Expo Unveiled

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Xu Sihai (left), a master zisha teapot maker, donates his work to deputies of the Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau on Wednesday, October 28, 2009. [Photo: xinhuanet.com]

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Dashanbao: A Paradise on Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau

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Dashanbao Nature Reserve is located in the Dashanbao Township of Yunnan Province, southwestChina, and is 79 km away from downtown Zhaotong City.

Wonderful Vista of the Prairie [Photo: Xinhuanet]

Dashanbao Nature Reserve is located in the Dashanbao Township of Yunnan Province, southwest China, and is 79 km away from downtown Zhaotong City. Covering 192 square kilometers, it is a state-level nature reserve and an important international wetlands area with an elevation of up to 3300 meters. Hundreds of national first-level protected animals, such as the "black-neck crane", reputed as "the panda of bird species", live here. Thus it becomes a unique destination for sightseeing, photography, scientific study and adventure.

Dahaizi [Photo: Xinhuanet]
Nicknamed the "Crane Lake", the Tiaodunhe Reservoir serves as the main habitat of black-neck cranes during winter.

The Jigongshan Mountain [Photo: Xinhuanet]

The Jigongshan Mountain. [Photo: Xinhuanet]

The mountain takes its name from its crest-like shape of a rooster. Its "grand and graceful" scenery consists of the uncanny craftsmanship of nature.

The herdsmen come back from grazing. [Photo: Xinhuanet]

 The flaming sunset [Photo: Xinhuanet]


Zhang Yimou Creates Vibrant 'Tales'

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Dazzling pink for the men, and garish green for the women. Director Zhang Yimou only wants gaudy costumes worn in his latest film.

Stills from Zhang Yimou's upcoming film, "Amazing Tales: Three Guns". [Photo: ent.sina.com.cn]

Snapshots at the National Games - Athletics

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Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang comes to Jinan Olympic Sports Center for a training session on Thursday, October 22, 2009. Liu will compete in the men's 110m hurdles preliminary at the 11th National Games Saturday evening. [Photo: CNSphoto]

Fujian's Wang Jing (No. 1084) sprints down the finishing straight during the women's 100m final at the 11th National Games in Jinan on Thursday, October 22, 2009. Wang edged Jiangsu's Jiang Lan in a photo finish. Both finished in 11.50. Chen Jue of Jiangsu took the bronze in 11.51. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

Lu Bin (C) of Jiangsu Province is surrounded by journalists after winning the men's 100m final at the 11th National Games in Jinan on Thursday, October 22, 2009. Lu, the champion of the 2007 National Grand Prix, was fast out of the blocks and found an extra burst of speed in the last 20 meters to win in 10.25 seconds. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

Sichuan's Liu Jing (R) leaps over the last hurdle during the women's 100-meter hurdle final at the 11th National Games in Jinan on Thursday, October 22, 2009. Liu claimed the title in 13.15 seconds. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]


China-Russia Friendship

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As an important folk activity to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Russia-China diplomatic ties, the exhibition titled "Sun Yat-sen, Soong Ching-ling and the Soviet Union" at the former residence of the late Chinese Honorary President Soong Ching-ling offers a good chance to recall the precious memory.

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Beautiful China

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Shanghai acrobatic performers set stage in Taipei

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Shanghai acrobatic performers set stage in Taipei
Shanghai acrobatic performers set stage in Taipei
Shanghai acrobatic performers set stage in Taipei

A young acrobatic actress from Shanghai performs during the dress rehearsal in Taipei, Taiwan province, Oct. 13, 2009. A special acrobatic performance for the Shanghai Cultural Week in Taipei will be staged from Oct. 13 to 14. [Xinhua] 


Leaf carving works for 11th National Games of China

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Leaf carving works for 11th National Games of China

Leaf carving works for 11th National Games of China
Photo taken on Oct. 11, 2009 shows the leaf carving works made by Du Wanli during an activity at the Quancheng Plaza in Jinan, capital of east China's Shandong Province. Du Wanli made a series of leaf carving works to express her good wishes to the 11th National Games of China which will open in Jinan on Oct. 16, 2009. [Xinhua]


Fire breaks out in highrise in C. China

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Fire breaks out in highrise in C. China

A fire engulfs a highrise which is still under construction, in Zhuzhou city, central China's Hunan province, October 7, 2009. The fire broke out on the top of the building and soon spread to the whole structure and the neighbouring buildings. The fire has now been under control and the cause is still under investigation. [Asianewsphoto.com]

XO laptop pedal power generator

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By taking the Freeplay hand crank and connecting it to the feet which can more easily provide power it should make it much easier to deploy the laptop to countryside / rural areas.As the laptop charges as you use it no additional battery is needed.

Giant fish 'verges on extinction'

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A river giant vanishes
One of the world's largest freshwater fish is on the verge of going extinct.
A three-year quest to find the giant Chinese paddlefish in the Yangtze river failed to sight or catch a single individual.

That means that the fish, which can grow up to 7m long, has not been seen alive for at least six years.

There remains a chance that some escaped the survey and survive, say experts, but without action, the future of the species is bleak. 

Dell plans first U.S. smart phone with AT&T: source

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SAN FRANCISCO/HONG KONG (Reuters) - Dell Inc plans to launch a smartphone with Google's Android mobile software on carrier AT&T's network, a source said, marking the PC maker's first foray into a cut-throat U.S. cellphone arena.

Dell will become the latest tech manufacturer to try and establish a footprint in a fast-growing market dominated by Apple and Research in Motion. Its planned phone would also give a boost to Google's fledgling mobile platform, which vies with Apple's and Microsoft's platforms.

Two Hermits

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Two hermits lived in a cave far from civilization. One day a little dog ran past the entrance to the cave.

Six months later one hermit said to the other one, "That was a cute little black dog."

One year later the other hermit said, "It wasn't a black dog; it was a white one."

Eight months later the first hermit jumped up and exclaimed, "If we're going to have this constant bickering, I'm leaving."

The Batmobile

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Check out this amazing replica of the Batmobile built by someone from Sweden.

Full Scale Batmobile Replica

Full Scale Batmobile Replica

Full Scale Batmobile Replica

Full Scale Batmobile Replica