Mother Walks 10 km Every Day for Saving Son

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Chen Yurong, a 55-year-old mother has walked 10 kilometers every day for 211 days to eliminate her fatty liver and made sure that her liver could be successfully transplanted to her sick son.

According to a report of the Chutian Metropolis Daily, living in the rural area of Wuhan City in central China's Hubei province, Chen's 31-year-old son Ye Haibin was diagnosed with a serious liver disease at 13 years old. Chen took good care of her son for a long time, but Ye's illness took a turn for the worse in recent years. Doctors told Chen that her son needed a liver transplant.

Chen's husband and her daughter-in-law had asked to donate their livers but were rejected by Chen.

"My husband who earned most of the family's income should have a healthy body and my young daughter-in-law has a long way to go." Chen told the Chutian Metropolis Daily. Finally, Chen decided to donate half of her liver to her son.

However, doctors found that Chen was affected with a severe fatty liver which was not suitable for transplantation. Meanwhile, the doctors told Chen that losing weight might eliminate the problem.

Then on February 18 Chen began her weight loss plan at a dam near her home and every day Chen walked ten kilometers in the morning and evening. To reduce weight, Chen only ate a small rice ball as a meal.

"Sometimes I felt that it was endless walking and wanted to give up. But I firmly believe a little longer walking makes the day of the liver transplant nearer. "Chen said.

On September 21, Chen took a medical exam at Tongji Hospital in Wuhan and happily got to know that her fatty liver has been cured.

"It is a miracle! I have never seen a patient eliminate a fatty liver in seven months and it is impossible without exceptional perseverance." Tian De'an, a chief doctor in Tongji Hospital said.

The report noted that after the consultation of doctors, the hospital will confirm whether Chen can donate her liver.

"If I still couldn't donate liver this time, I will continue walking." Chen said.

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