A Mother's Story

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Today,a friend told me a story:

A mother had cancer,the doctors have told her that she has only six months to live.

She's having twin girls,they are only 3 years old.She don't know how to say goodbye to them,she is apprehensive about hurting them.

One day, mother said to daughters," Mom was struggling against serious illness.If mom will win,mum will continue to accompany you;If mom will lose,mom will became a fairy in heaven."

"Don't leave!",the twins nestled up to their mother.

"You see," mother continued, "I'll be back if you do well.But I am becoming another.If one day your dad and another woman back home,and let you call she 'mum',so that one is me."

The twins are so relieved to hear that.

The mother is truly great and very kind,from this story, we can also learn, how mighty is the love of a mother.

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