The Fastest Marriage In China

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A Chinese couple in southwest China's municipality of Chingqing may have set a new record for the shortest courtship in the country after deciding to tie the knot following a five-hour phone conversation.

Chongqing's a 28-year-old businessman nicknamed as A Yong was introduced to his soon-to-be wife by a friend who gave him her phone number. He called 27-year-old Xiaolu, a white-collar worker, and after five hours they agreed to get married.

A Yong said,

We talked about everything--self-introduction, jobs and hobbies,We recognized we hit it right off and finally decided to marry.
While the couple's parents have all agreed to the marriage, some of their friends hold different views. One said, "We all suppose A Yong is crazy," because no one decides to get married without dating. But one of a few others who had earlier met Xiao Lu said he told A Yong, "Surely Xiaolu will be a good wife once you see her."

But I think this is a personal matter."A blessing" is what we should have done first of all.

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