Romantic Dalian

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Dalian (simplified Chinese: 大连; traditional Chinese: 大連; pinyin: Dàlián; Japanese: Dairen; Russian: Далянь, Dalian or Дальний, Dalny - also formerly known in English as Dairen) is the governing sub-provincial city in the eastern Liaoning Province of Northeast China. Dalian is China's northernmost ice-free seaport.

Dalian is the second largest city of Liaoning Province, after Shenyang , the provincial capital.

Dalian is one of the few cities in China where there are not many bicycles , because the area is full of slopes, and where there are few motorcycles , because their sale is prohibited.
The number of cars on Dalian streets has increased dramatically in recent years, but traffic conditions are still maintained well.The city has a comprehensive bus system and an efficient light rail mass transit system, usually called Qinggui ( 轻 轨 ), which connects Dalian Development Zone and Jinshitan with downtown Dalian.

Dalian is located west of the Yellow Sea and east of Bohai Sea roughly in the middle of the Liaodong/Liaotung peninsula at its narrowest neck or isthmus .

The local cuisine heavily depends on variety of fresh seafood and fruits, both of which are abundant in the area.

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