Stefanie Sun

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Stefanie Sun ( simplified Chinese : 孙燕姿 ; traditional Chinese : 孫燕姿 ; pinyin : Sūn Yànzī; born 23 July 1978) and also known in Teochew as Sng Yì-che or Sng Ee Tze (her birth name), is a Singaporean singer-songwriter .

Sun was educated at Nanyang Primary School, St Margaret's Secondary School , Raffles Girls' School and went on to attend Saint Andrew's Junior College .She later attended Nanyang Technological University , where she obtained a degree in Marketing.Her abilities were discovered by her music teacher, Lee Wei Song , at his music school.

In the Mandarin -speaking world, Sun is more popularly known by her Mandarin name, Sun Yanzi.She is arguably the most popular Mandarin female singer in Asia and the most successful singer from Singapore.She is also a fashion icon in Asia, being called the Kate Moss of Singapore.

Most of her songs are sung in Mandarin, with a few in English .Sun's ability to speak various dialects is reflected in the songs she sings.

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