In February the 40-years-old man, identified as Konstantin F., came to the clinic complaining he was too small.The man wanted to add an extra two-thirds to his penis and get 25 cm instead of his 15 cm.

The doctors tried to persuade the patient that his penis was ideally sized, warned that he may be unhappy with the results of the surgery, and even showed him a life-sized replica of a 25-cm male organ.But the man stood his ground and demanded the operation.

The surgery was completed in two sessions, and happy Konstantin returned home almost twice as large as he used to be.But in just one month after undergoing a penis enlargement surgery, a patient of a Moscow plastic surgery clinic has asked the doctors to restore the original size of his penis.

“He came here several times, begged us for new surgery, swore he would never be so stupid again.”the doctor said,“If there was a surgery to enlarge brains, we would offer him a free trial.”

[From mosnews]

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