One Year after Wenchuan Quake

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Li Yue (C), a 12-years-old victim of May 12 Wenchuan earthquake, stages a ballet at the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games in the National Stadium, September 6, 2008.

For Xiao Xue, an 18 year old boy, it was a can of Coca Cola. After an on-site treatment, he was placed on a stretcher to be sent to a nearby hospital. When the nurse asked him what he'd like to have, he said: "A can of Coca Cola, ice cold!", with a grin on his face.

10-year-old Lin Hao, the youngest hero of China's massive 2008 quake.Lin Hao, then nine, of Yingxiu Township, Wenchuan County, pulled two classmates from the rubble. As a result, he was honored as a "heroic child" in quake rescue and relief.

Jiang Xiaojuan, a policewoman, is feeding an infant with breast milk after the May 12 quake.The pictures of her breast feeding spread across the country, which earned her a nickname "the police mum."

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