The Inheritors of Miao and Tujia Art

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In the ancient town of Phoenix,craftsmen still devote themselves to passing on their centuries-old handicrafts.

Nie Fangjun adds colors to the pasted-paper sculpture of a lion head. [Photo: Xuelian]

Locals know that Nie Fangjun, 73, probably tops the list of experts on pasted-paper sculpture. To make these sculptures, he binds bamboo into the shape of an animal skeleton, usually an auspicious animal such as a lion, dragon or phoenix, and then fleshes it out with brightly colored paper and vivid drawings pasted over the bamboo framework. The caring hands of a craftsman put life into the delicate sculptures, Nie explains. Each has its own significant details, for example, the curly hair of a lion is drawn into the shapes of colorful clouds to symbolize good luck, and the lion's eyebrows are drawn high up on its head to show power.

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